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This cat litter is going viral
(and we’re mesmerized!)

The color-changing, odor-trapping PrettyLitter is THE litter box hack for 2023

By Sharilyn Vera | 08 February, 2023 | 8 min read

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With over 35,000 verified 5-star reviews, what is it about PrettyLitter that’s turning heads and tails?

A cat looking at you curiously.

Note: you'll wonder why you didn't ditch your old litter years ago

A Cat Litter Delivering Peace of Mind

Cat lovers like us are obsessed with our cats..but chances are most folks aren’t thrilled when it’s time to deal with their litter box! Ready to transform your litter from a chore to a pretty tool that does double duty: indicating changes in your cat’s health AND making cat box odor a distant memory!

Meet the litter that cats and cat parents can’t stop raving about: PrettyLitter! Don’t just take it from us - we interviewed two cat moms about their precious Yzma, who went from a foster to a family member with her sweet face and formerly “gnarly poops”.

Yzma’s Story

Foster Failure For The Win

Risha: Our friends run a rescue and they needed fosters for a litter of three kittens and we said “Of course we can take them!”. We brought them home and at first our two dogs were like...”Whaaat are those?!”.

Amanda: We were thinking of adopting a kitten, and Yzma just really claimed our space as her own and made friends with our two dogs.

Risha: She really did choose us! The dogs were so cool with her. It was as if the dogs were saying to us, “Yeah, this is our sister, didn’t you know??”

Two women playing with cat and two dogs.

PrettyLitter to the Rescue

Risha: We switched her over to PrettyLitter the first week we had her. I was really excited to see that her urine will turn this color [in the litter] if she’s sick, and it’s this color if she’s healthy. It was yellow, which means healthy, for the first couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden it turned blue, and we started panicking. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a UTI. She got treated for that, and it came back again - which we only found out because of her PrettyLitter. Now she’s on a UTI supplement and a crystals supplement, and if she didn’t have her litter we would have never known.

"We’ve tried two or three litters and PrettyLitter is the only one that can control how *horrific* her poops are." – Risha

It's The Odor Control For Me

Risha: My favorite aspect about PrettyLitter is *for sure* the odor control. Her poops are...not normal. We’ve tried two or three litters and PrettyLitter is the only one that can control how *horrific* her poops are.

Amanda: They are pretty gnarly! We didn’t really know how often you’re supposed to clean the litter box (we have two dogs!). With PrettyLitter, we clean it once a day and not to be like, “I get excited to clean the litter box!” -- but I get to see that she’s healthy and can’t put a price on that piece of mind.

Two women kissing the cat

Release Your Litter Box Fears!

Risha: We’re not afraid of the litter box anymore! It’s way easier cleaning the litter box seeing the pretty crystals. The litter is actually beautiful, and the crystals look like sand from a mystical island, or a very fancy sea salt. It’s also suuuper lightweight and having it dropped right at our door is a dream!

Amanda: My favorite thing about PrettyLitter is the health indicators. You could say we’re those “paranoid pet owners”. 😅 Our other pets were adopted with health issues, so it’s nice having something as easy as her litter being an indicator.

Avoid Unnecessary Vet Visits

Amanda: It was really helpful because we had PrettyLitter nearly as soon as we got her. It’s been super helpful and I’m glad we found out about PrettyLitter at just the right time. We can call up the vet and say, “We have this litter that turned blue...” and they know exactly what we’re talking about. We dropped her off and they confirmed what we already knew.

Skip the Trip to the Store

Risha: It’s definitely really nice to have that peace of mind, knowing that we have a tool at home that we can use to monitor her health. Cats have a way of hiding their health if they’re not feeling too great, they’re great at hiding it. I am not exaggerating when I say it’s been essential for keeping her healthy. Plus, we live on the third floor so not having to lug heavier litters up the stairs is a huge plus.

A cat pays attention to the PrettyLitter in white litter bowl

With over 35,000 verified 5-star reviews, what is it about PrettyLitter that cats and cat parents love?

“No more aching back from bending down, no more carrying a heavy bag on garbage day.”
– Carole R.

“Odorless ✅ Urine completely evaporates ✅ Easy poop scoop ✅ Love it!”
– Mario S.

“Switching to it was the best decision I've ever made. I won't go back to regular litter, ever!”
– Chelsea V.

“I thought the hype was just that but it is actually the best!!! I highly suggest switching!”
– Paige G.

The internet loves PrettyLitter!


A cat pays attention to the PrettyLitter in white litter bowl

What Can PrettyLitter Do For You?

You’ve heard all the PrettyLitter praise from the customers, but what exactly can it do for you?

i. Peace of mind: PrettyLitter changes color to monitor your cat’s health. If your cat has a potential health PrettyLitter will warn you by changing colors. You can get your cat help before it becomes an urgent medical situation and it could save you big money on vet bills. Not to mention it could save your cat's life!

ii. It’s lightweight and is delivered straight to your door once a month. No more lugging heavy litter from the store to your home. As soon as it’s time to change the litter, there it is!

iii. PrettyLitter traps urine and evaporates moisture, so you scoop less! PrettyLitter is made using minerals that are processed into silica gel crystals. These super absorbent crystals dehydrate solid and liquid waste eliminating odors. Not to mention PrettyLitter is made from clean, effective minerals that are safe for cats and the whole household. So say goodbye to that litter box smell!

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Where Can You Find PrettyLitter?

It’s purr-etty obvious why people are obsessed with PrettyLitter!

PrettyLitter is available at and now at Target!

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