Smart & Clean Litter Kit

Litter Mat

Bundle color-changing PrettyLitter
with a smart design litter mat

Save $15

Free Delivery in the Contiguous US

What’s In the Kit

  • Honeycomb Litter Mat
  • PrettyLitter
  • ($30 $15 when bundled)
  • ($24 bag per cat, per month)

Designed For A
Cleaner Experience

The Details

PrettyLitter, cat, and bowl of litter with colored spots

The Smarter, More Convenient Cat Litter

Health indicator icon

Health Monitoring

Absorbent icon

Advanced Odor Control

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Hassle-Free Delivery

30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

The PrettyLitter Promise

Daniel is standing in front of a counter with various PrettyLitter products

Daniel Rotman

Founder & CEO

PrettyLitter was invented to give cat parents peace of mind knowing that they can keep daily tabs on their cat’s health, and we attribute our success to our loyal fanbase. When our customers suggested a scented litter in addition to the original unscented litter, we added real lotus flower botanicals for a subtle, fresh scent.

With the goal of improving cat care through smarter products, we developed PrettyPlease Premium Dry Food, two varieties of wet food, dental treats, a litter mat, and a litter box.

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30-Day Risk Free Guarantee